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The OpenCures platform will help individuals manually track any parameter of health they wish to measure.  Individuals will be able to define Experiments which will have protocols that they follow to maintain and restore their health.   These protocols can be shared with others who can then use them as a starting point for their own self-directed health research.   Protocols themselves contain assays and other tests that measure biomarker levels in biological samples as well as functional assays such as heart rate and other measurements of interest.   

It should be emphasized that OpenCures does not own your data, you do.  Who sees your data and what happens to it and the good it can do is entirely in your hands.  The reason OpenCures exists is to create the OpenCures Database (OCD),a resource so fundamental that its existence will spur thousands of discoveries and the development of health technologies to keep ourselves and our loved ones healthy.   Given this purpose, we hope that users of the platform will be interested in sharing their data to further the Mission of OpenCures, but it is not a requirement.  

We have some pretty big plans for the future and OpenCures Community Members will be given opportunities to be included in some pretty exciting and revolutionary ways to accelerate the science underlying the discovery of cures for many disorders which currently afflict humanity.  We will be working with some of the best scientists and providers of cutting-edge assays to help you track your health, giving you a heads-up when something changes and monitoring your progress as you follow your own protocols for a long and healthy life. 

Below are a few screenshots of the current beta-test platform which we hope to launch in the next few months.   

The Home Screen

Built-In Graphing and Tracking