In my late thirties, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.  I was very lucky, I caught it early when as a singer in a band I noticed a lump that was interfering with my voice.  It was a sobering experience, and an opportunity to learn.  I learned that no matter how healthy I appeared to be, changes had been occuring in my body that had conspired to kill me.  As it was, the cancer was "cured" by full removal of my thyroid and I am now dependent on daily thyroid hormone replacment to live.  Many people experience side-effects from thyroid hormone replacement, but I'm not one of them, again lucky.  I have been labelled "cancer free" for so long now, my doctor tells me I'm going to die of something else.  This is is not quite as comforting as he might have intended it to be as at least with thryoid cancer a lump was obvious, that won't probably the case with the next landmine that my aging body has to deal with.  That's why I formed OpenCures, because not only do I want some kind of early warning system, I want to be able to accelerate the development of therapies for the thousands of diseases which confront people, often long after it has been incubating for months or years.  

We will do this by forming the first publicly available database of human biological measurements possible, and that data will come from me, and you, and everyone else who is sick and tired of waiting for the medical research community to develop such a resource, and that is the power of OpenCures, in the commitment of its users to themselves, each other, and humanity, to create this resource and ensure that the value it generates is used to accelerate the development of therapies and cures and reward those who contribute to that Mission appropriately.

OpenCures is the first collaborative of its kind.  It is a group of like-minded people and corporations who understand that the power to develop health technologies at maximum pace can only be realized if the people interested in those technologies are in charge of their development.   As long as other motivations take precendence, things are moving slower than they have to.   It all starts with a problem that needs a solution, a condition or disease, or state of being, including ignorance of one's own health, that needs some kind of improvement.   This solution can only be delivered by some kind of actual tangible action, some kind of benefit applied to the problem.  The entity in search of the solution must provide some resources in exchange for the benefit, over and above what it took to produce the benefit.  These resources are funneled into an iterative process that uses the resources to drive the cycle of discovery of increasingly better benefits.  Primary to the iterative process is the existence of new data to operate on.  Without new data, no new benefits can be discovered.  Which is why OpenCures is focusing on helping people gain insights into their own biology and why the data of OpenCures users becomes increasingly available for analysis by all to maximize the number of brains utilizing the data to produce increasingly better benefits.   

ideas to products

To catalyze these processes there is a need for resources, both intellectual and financial.  The expertise of the Members of OpenCures will act as its intellectual braintrust as well as provide the resources necessary to accomplish the Mission they believe in. They want to be engaged and bring something to the table with this "stone soup" approach.  

As a non-profit/for-profit hybrid, OpenCures will aggressively pursue maximizing the value it generates for the benefit of it's Mission.

Providers are Members.  One way OpenCures will be able to generate new data is through the donations of sample assays by service providers.  All Members, including Providers will have the opportunity to share their data in their profile.   There will be no advertising by Providers on the website, but Providers will be acknowledged just like any member for their donations and they will be featured on the website of the for-profit.