OpenCures is a 501c(3) entity whose Mission is to accelerate the development of evidence-based effective health technologies by creating the open access OpenCures  Database (OCD) to fuel innovation in health technology development.  OpenCures accepts donations of relevant data from corporations as well as data from individuals, especially those performing Self-Directed Health Research.  OpenCures empowers individuals performing Self-Directed Health Research by providing a platform that helps them generate, record, analyze and share their results.

OpenCures Health Biomarker Pilot - We are launching OpenCures with the the help of Openome who will be providing OpenCures users a discount on analysis that will measure the levels of thousands of proteins and metabolites in a sample of saliva.  If you are interested in gaining unprecedented insight into the molecular details of your biology and health at the highest resolution possible, sign-up to have the chance to participate in the pilot.  

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