Actions for your Goals

Manage your action items to achieve your goals. Integrate them into your Calendar, set Notifications that work for you, share with your Health Professional. Browse existing interventions with a powerful search.

Your Personal Assistant

Your own conversational chat assistant guides your through all the steps. Ask follow up questions, get recommendations, loop your real life coach into the conversation.

Participate in Experiments

Browse the approaches of others or try Interventions together. With step-by-step protocols, timeline overviews and material lists your next community trial becomes a breeze.

Advanced Biomarker Dashboards.

Get personalized Ranges for Lab results, based on demographics, phenotypes and age. Compare health data from wearables and other health apps. Markers like BMI, PhenoAge or the Framingham Risk Score are calculated automatically.

Personalized, Functional Ranges
Automatically Calculated Scores
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Automated Data Analytics.

Our statistical analysis algorithms do the math for you. Find correlations in your longitudinal data points from self tracking and sensors to find hidden patterns and root causes. Examine changes from baseline to see which actions really help improve. Follow your trends to give you insights into where things are going.

Correlations with Onset delays
Effective changes from Baseline
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Integrate your devices and apps.

Connect your accounts from your favorite sources and have your data automatically synced. Or use our file import routines for applications that only have file exports. Even import your own spreadsheets. And Formats that are not supported, we enter the data in for you. There is no literally no limit on getting the data in.

Connect your Wearables
Integrate Self-Tracking Apps
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Direct Lab ordering.
Results automated.

Say good bye to PDF file handling and manual importing. With our in-app lab ordering you get your biomarker values automatically loaded into your charts. Choose from leading diagnostic providers.

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Not just a Supplement planner.

Planning your personalized supplements regimen can be cumbersome. Contradicting information online, Dosages depend on many factors, a lot of work to research everything and even health coaches are overwhelmed with all the measured data available.
This is why our AI assistant guides you through this process and handles the grunt work automatically for you.

Your Personal Supplement Plan
AI Assisted Process
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Self tracking. Redefined.

With logging your symptoms, habits, supplements, activities and all other factors that influence your health, you are in full control. Combined with your data from labs and sensors, this gives you superpowers. Easily track full regimens or protocols with a single button on the go or set precise timestamps and notes, it's your choice.

Replaces your Self-Tracking Apps
One Button Solution for Self Reported Outcomes
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Automate your Health. Enter the OpenCures Platform today.