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Empowered citizen scientists for faster intervention development.

We take the responsibility for speeding up the intervention development by providing scientific services and tools for advanced personal health management and research.

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Scientific assays, biobanking and new interventions

You should own your health data. We let you also own your samples and provide access to assays like metabolomics and proteomics only available to research. We additionally biobank every sample and leave you the custody. We offer new interventions before they hit the mainstream market.

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Advanced Personal Health Management

Not just a diagnostics provider. We provide an environment to actually make the reported values actionable. Aggregate health data from all sources like wearables and health applications. Find correlations and insights or use our automated analysis system. Connect to research.


Trial management

We serve organizations with all the tools and automations they need to manage participants, their health data and workflows for their clinical trial, product study or community experiments.

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I've been through this...

I founded OpenCures to empower individuals to be the CEO of their own health. I am a cancer survivor and I know that we have to minimize the time of intervention development. We go with the citizen scientist approach to create real Preventive and Personalized Medicine better sooner than later. We believe in human trials and real world evidence data to achieve this.

Kevin Perrott, PhD, CEO & Founder

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