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Empowered citizen scientists for faster intervention development.

We let you drastically improve participant compliance and speed up your intervention development by harnessing the momentum of highly engaged individuals. We give them value on their personal health journey with scientific services and tools that actually help them.

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The OpenCures Platform

Your study on autopilot.

Manage your participants and their health data with more efficient tools. Our Trial management platform keeps your candidates engaged and lets you focus on your core business.


Guided User Flow

We guide your participants through the whole digital experience of your remote trial. We engage them with notifications, consents, questionnaires, video tutorials and automations along the process.


Data from all Sources

We take care of bringing the data together and accompany users through the importing process and connecting their remote devices. Symptom or intervention logging for on the go is built in.


Rich Protocol Builder

Create a comprehensive information and engagement experience for your participants. Build media rich landing pages, step-by-step protocols with timeline overviews and material lists.

Scientific assays and biobanking.

We handle the biobanking of the samples and provide access to assays like metabolomics and proteomics only available to research.

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"We had always intended on creating a platform for the LongeCity community to share and analyze biomarker data. When we saw that OpenCures was developing a fully functional platform with all of the features any citizen scientist could want, it was an obvious collaboration opportunity."

Justin Loew, Treasurer, Secretary at the LongeCity Community

Automate support and paper work away. Enter the OpenCures Platform today.

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