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Client management for modern longevity clinics.

Manage your clients with ease with our modern cloud based management system that automates your workload. We give your clients value on their personal health journey with scientific services and tools that actually help them.

4.8 out of 5 based on 2000+ reviews
The OpenCures Platform

Your client management on autopilot.

Manage your clients and their health data with more efficiency. Automate your workflows. Live your systematic and holistic care approach with our dedicated platform and the integrations you really need.


Efficient data management

Upload data from a multitude of sources including specialty labs and wearables. No more manual input with our intelligent data extraction and automated synchronization with client devices.


Automations for your workflows

No more repetitive emails for standard tasks like sending results and reports. Automated follow ups tailored to your practice. No more copy and pasting report templates.


Systematic and holistic approach

Our platform is purpose built for a holistic preventative approach to care. We understand your functional, integrated longevity work and have tailored the system to your needs.

"We had always intended on creating a platform for the LongeCity community to share and analyze biomarker data. When we saw that OpenCures was developing a fully functional platform with all of the features any citizen scientist could want, it was an obvious collaboration opportunity."

Justin Loew, Treasurer, Secretary at the LongeCity Community

Automate support and paper work away. Enter the OpenCures Platform today.

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